The value of your contacts database (0)

Hopefully, at a minimum, your marketing activities will help you to increase your contacts and thus build the profile of your company. This means that over time you will end up with hundreds if not thousands of contacts in your contacts database, be that our own ConvallisCRM, an Excel spreadsheet or a shoebox full of business cards.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Monday 29 December 2008

SilverLight 2 (0)

At the end of October Microsoft released version 2 of SilverLight, billed by many as a direct competitor to Adobe Flash. To me this is a far more significant release than version 1, thanks to the addition of technologies that give it the ability to be used for something far more interesting than merely a video player or simple animation tool. These new capabilities make SilverLight a serious contender when choosing the platform for a Rich Internet Application (RIA).

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Tuesday 09 December 2008
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