HTML 5 - Beyond the Hype (0)

HTML 5 has been getting a lot of coverage over the past few months in both the IT press and blogs, with most of the browser manufacturers now committing to support parts of it, no doubt in some cases just to score a few headlines. But what does it all mean for us as businesses at a practical level today?

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Wednesday 06 October 2010
Tags: Web

WCF Data Services (0)

At Convallis we've been working with .Net 4 for some time and while WCF Data Services has been around (under a different name) since .Net 3.5 Sp1 we hadn't dabbled. However, while implementing a new feature for online ConvallisCRM which required a Silverlight component I decided to experiment with Data Services to provide the Web Services needed by the Silverlight component to exchange data with.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Friday 01 October 2010
Tags: Database Silverlight The (dot)Net Framework