Transforming Data Pt 2 (0)

In my last post I talked about a problem I had after I upgraded to 64 bit Windows and needed to archive a text based report output by an old DOS program which was now hosted in a virtual machine. I ended the post by giving an example of the report, which I replicate here:

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Tuesday 31 January 2012
Tags: Database The (dot)Net Framework

Transforming Data Pt 1 (0)

Just over a year ago I had a problem, I'd just bought a new PC and since it had 8Gb RAM it had to run 64bit Windows (see this post for an explanation on what that's all about). But 64 bit Windows doesn't support DOS based programs, now I'm happy for that to be the case as DOS is a very old technology and at some point I think that modern systems need to leave the past behind.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Wednesday 11 January 2012
Tags: The (dot)Net Framework