Information Overload (0)

"We have access to too much information." I'm sure that if I'd said that 100 years ago I would have been considered a little odd, and if I had said it to Copernicus, Da Vinci or Galileo they would thought it extremely bizarre perhaps even considering me a little mad.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Tuesday 26 January 2010
Tags: Web

Getting the Message Out (0)

While it is easy and cheap to send an email, particularly when sending it to more than one recipient, it isn't always appropriate, particularly when time is a factor for those receiving the message. Lets face it, one of the failings of email and, for that matter, any online method of communication, is that there is no guarantee that the intended audience will receive a time critical message in time, unless the lead time can be measured in days. But even then there is still no guarantee, there is always the potential for an email to be lost in a spam filter for instance.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Monday 11 January 2010
Tags: ConvallisCRM

Light Relief (0)

When Microsoft first started talking about Silverlight I was immediately attracted to the idea of the technology. Partly because I think that a viable competitor to Flash is needed and partly because Silverlight applications are created using languages and tools that I'm already familiar with.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Friday 01 January 2010
Tags: Silverlight