If I've Seen it Once... (0)

When I first joined Twitter there seemed to be a lot of excitement around it and I remember that 'join the conversation' was often quoted as a way of encouraging users to interact with each other. But I have to say that four years and four thousand odd tweets later I'm finding it harder and harder to maintain my enthusiasm.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Tuesday 13 August 2013
Tags: Social Media

ConvallisCMS and ASP.Net MVC 4 (0)

In previous posts I've talked about how we slowly evolve our software by taking advantage of advances in the platform that we write our code in (the .Net Framework). Last time I discussed the Entity Framework and why I decided to move us over to it's most recent release. This time I thought I'd write a little about ASP.Net MVC.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Friday 31 May 2013
Tags: The (dot)Net Framework Web

Entity Framework 5 (0)

Last time, I wrote that I'd decided it was time to update our software and make use of technologies that have been more recently released than those we'd been working with over the past few years. One of those technologies is the Entity Framework.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Tuesday 23 April 2013
Tags: Database The (dot)Net Framework

Ever Onwards with our Technology (0)

Over the past few years we've steadily worked on our CRM and CMS software and have added new features and capabilities to it. However, while we were busy doing that the technologies that the software is built on was itself undergoing changes, some of which we made use of while others we chose to ignore. Fortunately those changes/enhancements usually maintain backwards compatibility with code that's already been written and so it rarely if ever breaks existing code.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Thursday 28 February 2013
Tags: ConvallisCRM Database The (dot)Net Framework The 'Cloud' Web

Our Move to Office 365 (0)

We recently took the decision to move our email and document storage solutions to Microsoft Office 365.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Tuesday 22 January 2013
Tags: The 'Cloud'