The Authentication Compromise (0)

We've recently been discussing a project where one of the concerns was to tighten up on user authentication. The customer raised the concern that by expecting the user to enter just a user name and password that the proposed web application wouldn't be secure enough for the confidential nature of their data, as such an alternative security technique was wanted.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Wednesday 14 December 2011
Tags: General Web Windows

More Impressions on Twitter Clients (0)

Back here I wrote about my search for my 'perfect' Twitter client. Since then I've tried Seesmic and now MetroTwit which is my current favourite. Having not gotten on very well with Adobe AIR based clients (probably due to my own expectations rather than there being anything 'bad' about them as such), I've tended to look for clients written in the technologies that I like working with, WPF or Silverlight. Both Seesmic Desktop and MetroTwit tick those boxes.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Monday 07 November 2011
Tags: Social Media

Working with a Windows 7 Tablet (0)

I've been working with a Windows 7 tablet for the past few weeks, an ASUS EP121 to be exact. Tablets or slates depending on what you prefer to call them are very trendy at the moment, especially the likes of the iPad. But I wanted something that I felt might be more practical for my own circumstances, which meant that a tablet with Windows 7 on it was a necessity.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Monday 19 September 2011
Tags: Windows

Hiding from Spam (0)

Spam, we can't seem to get away from it. Almost all are unwelcome and there is little we can do about it beyond relying on a decent filter. So what can you do when you want to evaluate some software or a service but you can't get access without providing your precious email address?

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Wednesday 20 July 2011
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Trapped in the Marketing Machine (0)

As a techie I confess that I hate marketing, but as a business man I understand the need for it and the value that it brings to a company. I hope that as time has progressed I've learned enough to get by. But it's a difficult dichotomy to live with and I struggle with it every day.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Wednesday 06 July 2011
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