Close to Disaster (0)

When was the last time you backed up your data? What would happen to your business if your computer failed and you lost your data? The second is a thought provoking question, which I hope you can answer.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Saturday 28 May 2011
Tags: Windows

The Post PC Era? Really? (0)

According to some commentators we're now living in what they call the 'Post PC Era'. Apparently, this is because we're using our mobile phones, and Tablets (if you have one) to consume information and run 'apps' on. By saying this it implies that the PC is in decline, while 'mobile' which seems to include the Tablet is on the rise, that's a big claim.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Monday 18 April 2011
Tags: General

SQL Azure (0)

When I read that all I would need to do to use SQL Azure and have a database in the cloud for my SQL Server based applications was change the connection string, it seemed to good to be true. There's always a gotcha somewhere.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Wednesday 30 March 2011
Tags: ConvallisCRM Database

The Skill of Programming (0)

My daughter recently asked me for some help with her A Level computing homework. She'd been given 15 exercises to do each of which involved the creation of an algorithm to perform one specific job. For instance one algorithm required her to draw a rectangle on the screen, that sounds easy when you consider that Windows is a graphical environment so drawing a rectangle should be straightforward, but this was complicated by the stipulation that it should be a console application (DOS type application) which limited her to using characters only.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Wednesday 09 February 2011

CRM - the perplexing question (0)

There are many times when we are out and about that we're asked what CRM is, to which we normally reply that Customer Relationship Management is the process of recording who your customers are and what communication you may have had with them. A common response to this from a small business person is a perplexed expression together with a comment along the lines of that not being relevant to their business.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Thursday 09 December 2010