Services in the Cloud (0)

The move to offering services through the cloud is showing no sign of losing any momentum at the moment, and why should it, when there are several advantages to be had. With perhaps the most significant of those being is the reduction in cost to be achieved when compared to hosting similar capabilities in your own network.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Tuesday 15 January 2013
Tags: The 'Cloud'

The down side of the Cloud (0)

I've been using Windows 8 for months and I'm not ashamed to admit that I like it. One of the features I've found particularly useful is the ability to share settings between different PCs once you have linked your Microsoft account (formerly known as a Windows Live ID) to your PC login.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Tuesday 30 October 2012
Tags: Windows 8

Lipstick on the Pig? (0)

At the beginning of the month Microsoft announced what is effectively a new programming language, Typescript.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Monday 22 October 2012
Tags: Web

Dreaming of a Paperless Office (0)

It's always been my ambition to reduce the amount of paper that we produce, for me the paperless office is more than just a pipe dream it's a goal that we should try to reach, albeit one that's probably impossible to attain. Here at Convallis Software we've done a reasonable job of reducing the paper that we produce, our printer is rarely used although I'd prefer to say never.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Tuesday 04 September 2012
Tags: General

Protecting your Data (0)

I came across this article earlier today: Why passwords have never been weaker and I urge you to read it. For anyone running a web site or a network its message is quite worrying, basically with the data and hardware available to them it has never been easier for a hacker to break a password. Any way you look at it that's bad news.

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Posted by Richard Isaac on Tuesday 21 August 2012
Tags: Database Web Windows